1 Hour a Day

To Change Your Life

'I wouldn't have started and grown my own business without it.'
-S. Anderson, Texas

You Already Know the Truth:

You know it takes more than physical effort

We have all seen people work hard and struggle, but get nowhere. We have also seen people put in less work and sail away to success. You know there are other forces at play. These forces are the proper focus of your Mental & Emotional Power.

The 1 Hour a Day program will teach you exactly how to leverage this power, when to leverage it, and why its so powerful

You also know you need to take action

You know you can't simply think a happy thought and then watch TV until someone delivers a million dollars to you. You need to take action in order to create the life you desire.

The 1 Hour a Day program will teach you how to maximize the impact of your actions so you can get more done while doing less, and create a balanced, happy, successful life.

You know it's about more than being happy all the time

There are thousands of people who live the life you dream of. You know they were not always happy while they built that life. Negative motions are natural, and you can use them to help you create the life you desire.

The 1 Hour a day program will teach you how to use the power of your negative emotions to accelerate you towards your goals.

You know that consistency is key

You know that a little effort every day is far better than the occasional large effort.

The 1 Hour a Day program is realistic and effective. Putting in one hour of effort a day, every day, will change your life!

'I thought I was broken. There was something wrong with me. That's why nothing worked. I just didn't have the right information. Now there's no looking back.'

-F. Parker, Michigan

What is the 1 Hour a Day program?

The 1 Hour a Day will enable you to take control of your life and your future, and create the life that you truly desire!

  • 24 audio sessions - you will gain access to a new every day
  • 24 workbooks
  • More than 12 hours of instruction
  • 8 weeks worth of daily and weekly logs to track your progress

This training contains exclusive principles and techniques that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

See details on all 24 sessions below!

'Tried a LOT of other stuff. This is the one that worked.'
-A. Keating, Michigan

The 1 Hour a Day Program Sessions

  • Day 1

    Foundations Part 1
    Learn all about the journey you are about to undertake, proper mindsets, and start to create your future vision!

  • Day 2

    Foundations Part 2
    Discover the power of inner and outer goals, and natural motivation. Begin to discern what you truly want in life.

  • Day 3

    Foundations Part 3
    Unlock your true passions and life purpose. This is where you start to create your new life.

  • Day 4

    Foundations Part 4
    Discover the proper balance and power of Mental & Emotional Power and Physical Effort. Learn where your power comes from, and where to focus your efforts.

  • Day 5

    Mental & Emotional Power Part 1
    This is the engine of the 1 Hour a Day program. Learning visualization is the first step, but you are going to learn something much more powerful.

  • Day 6

    Mental & Emotional Power Part 2
    Advanced visualization techniques – we are working our way up to something much better.

  • Day 7

    Mental & Emotional Power Part 3
    Actualization Level 1 (Part 1) – Boost your power by beginning to learn Actualization – a technique far more powerful and effective than visualization.

  • Day 8

    Mental & Emotional Power Part 4
    Actualization Level 1 (Part 2) – Boost your results by increasing your Actualization expertise

  • Day 9

    Taking Action Part 1
    The 4 Rules of Action – You still need to act in order to create the life you desire.

  • Day 10

    Taking Action Part 2
    Maximize output with minimum input. We don’t want to work all day.

  • Day 11

    Taking Action Part 3
    Tracking your results. Don’t waste time on what isn’t producing results for you.

  • Day 12

    Taking Action Part 4
    Your ‘Power 40’ – 40 minutes of focused action per day. This is the trigger for life creation.

  • Day 13

    Emotional Alchemy Part 1
    The proper use of emotions to create your world. You may have to unlearn some stuff – that’s ok.

  • Day 14

    Emotional Alchemy Part 2
    Harnessing the power of your negative emotions. Yes! We use negative emotions to help us get what we want!

  • Day 15

    Emotional Alchemy Part 3
    The Emotional Reversal Technique. This is one of your most powerful life creation techniques. Harness the immense power of your negative emotions.

  • Day 16

    Emotional Alchemy Part 4
    The feedback loop. Improve and accelerate your results by focusing in on what you really want.

  • Day 17

    Advanced M/E Power Part 2
    Learn how to adjust your Actualization techniques in order to boost their affect.

  • Day 18

    Advanced M/E Power Part 2
    Advanced appreciation techniques – this is our bridge to Actualization Level 2!

  • Day 19

    Advanced M/E Power Part 3
    Actualization Level 2 – even more powerful and effective than Level 1

  • Day 20

    Advanced M/E Power Part 4
    Advanced mindsets for accelerated results. This mindsets a are layered over your Actualizations to increase their power. They are the ‘flavour in the ice cream’.

  • Day 21

    Growth & Acceleration Part 1
    Your day and week using the 1 Hour a Day Program. You will know exactly what to do, when to do it, and why.

  • Day 22

    Growth & Acceleration Part 2
    The creation cycle.

  • Day 23

    Growth & Acceleration Part 3
    Expanding your vision to increase your impact on the world. There are no limits!

  • Day 24

    Growth &  Acceleration Part 4
    Launching your new life!

'Amazing. Just amazing stuff. Thank you.'
-J Singh, Ohio

Bonus Sessions

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Bonus Wealthy Mindset Sessions!

Register today and you will receive 3 additional sessions on how to apply a Wealthy Mindset to everything you've learned. You will receive these sessions after you have completed the last LOA Bootcamp Session.

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"I felt stuck for years. Didn't know what was wrong. Now I can't stop. "

J. Ramirez, Michigan

The 1 Hour a Day Program Isn't For Everyone

It is not a magic wand. You will still need to put in focus and effort.

This program is for people who know that they want a lot more in their life, and who are willing to create it.

It is not for people who want to sit in their room all day and expect the universe to deliver all their dreams and fantasies to them. Things simply don’t work that way.

If you are willing to put in real time and focus in order to create the life you truly desire, then this program will help you to accomplish all of your goals and more.

If, however, you want to listen to an audio program a couple of times and then walk into your dream life tomorrow, then you should keep looking. I searched for such a thing for many, many years, and wasted a lot of time doing so.

"I have never been happier or more passionate about my life."

-T. Wagner, Illinois

"After years of frustration I am finally seeing changes in my life. I have never felt more powerful or in control"

A. Freeman, Georgia

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      W. Keaton, Ontario

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