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What Is The Community?

The Community is a group of people who believe that they can accomplish far more, for themselves, and in the world, when they work together. They know that the power and will of the group is stronger when everyone within it is raised up, and that together they can accomplish the unimaginable.

How Does It Work?

Membership in The Community consist of four main aspects:

Members of The Community have access to the most advanced Law of Attraction training available. This goes far beyond the common teachings of visualizing and feeling good. Our members receive teachings that have traditionally been withheld from the public.

This empowers The Community and its members to create massive change in their lives, the lives of others, and the world.

This training can consist of audios, videos, webinars, literature, and live events, depending on the level of the member.

Manifestation Requests
All members of The Community post their Manifestation requests. It is the duty of all members of The Community to not only focus on their own manifestations, but to also spend time manifesting for other members.

There is great power in numbers. You will no longer be alone in your manifestation efforts. You will have other members also manifesting for you, and they will let you know when they do.

Just remember - you get what you give. You will also be expected to focus some of your time manifesting for other members.

The Community also has general forums that you are encouraged to participate in. This is an open discussion between members. There are only two rules:

-Always be polite and respectful.

-Do not post any direct or indirect advertising or marketing material.

It is your Community. Help make it great.

Every member of the Community has their own profile page where they can post things to other members. You can make connections, and send public or private messages with other members.

Make friends, and help one another.

What are the membership levels?

There are currently seven membership levels in The Community. Each level has different benefits and expected levels of participation with The Community. You can learn about the various levels by clicking on them below.

The first level - Member Level - is open to everyone. Members must meet certain criteria of group participation, and mastery of the knowledge at their current level, in order to move onto the higher levels.


Membership Levels

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